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infrared emitter IR

Infrared emitters

Add more night vision to your existing system.


color IR camera with changeable lens infrared

Changeable lens infrared camera

Now you can change the lens easily.


dual lens IR camera, infrared

Dual lens IR camera

480tvl of color by day and 600tvl of b/w by night. The best of both worlds with this camera.



panning motors also called scanners

Scanners or panning motors

We have a wide assortment of indoor and outdoor scanners for what ever camera you want to make into a panning camera. These have adjustable stops from 5° to 350° Also available are the controllers to go with these to make the camera pan, tilt and or zoom in/out. We have a vast assortment of security cameras to go with this.


large assortment lo to hi powered wireless transmitters

Wireless Audio Video (A/V) transmitters

A large assortment of various surveillance equipment and transmitters from low to high powered and different frequencies are available. Up to 12 channels.



long range wifi IP infrared surveillance security camera and surveillance equipment

Long range Wifi IP Infrared camera

Ultra 802.11B wide frequency, inside network interface and Bridge + AP, can easily carry on the long-range monitoring through the PC.

MPEG-4 hardware compression, compatible with WMV

Embedded stream media server, seamless integrate with Windows media service . Auto motion detect (ftp/mail transmission), and manual long-range video. See all of our surveillance equipment.



wifi IP wireless camera system with speed dome zoom camera and surveillance equipment

Long range Wifi IP PTZ camera

Ultra 802.11B wide frequency, inside network interface and Bridge + AP, can easily carry on the long-range monitoring through the PC. Embedded stream media server, seamless integrate with Windows media service .Auto motion detect (ftp/mail transmission), and manual long-range video



infrared night vision color camera

 Infrared color security cameras

This is a smaller version of our top selling night vision security camera. See up to 150 feet in the dark. Comes with adjustable camera mount and AC adapter. 



DDVR with motorized 7 inch LCD monitor

DVR with 7 inch LCD motorized monitor

4 channel with audio. This is small enough to be used as a mobile unit.


4 channel 2.4GHZ receiver with built in quad splitter

The ultimate 2.4GHZ receiver

4 channel receiver that will let you see all the channels on a split screen. No more scanning.


2.4 ghz receiver with USB port2.4GHZ USB receiver with remote control

This receiver can be used with any of our 2.4 GHZ wireless security cameras to record to your computer or laptop. Simply plug the USB cable into your laptop computer then the receiver (no ac power is needed) and now you have a portable surveillance system when you use our wireless security cameras. Will accept up to 4 of our wireless security cameras and you can manually or automatically scan the channels. It will only record one camera view at a time. Comes with recording software, AC adapter (if used without a computer), remote control, A/V cables, USB cable receiver and instructions. We have the latest in surveillance equipment.

Ultimate PTZ mobile surveillance cameras

Mobile PTZ with Infrared security camera

Intended for the professional user as this is the ultimate camera with its pan and tilt head and 26X power zoom. You can see up to 240 feet away in the dark and see like you are right there with its zoom. If you are in the military you probably have seen something similar to this.


portable or mobile DVR with 4 channel and built-in quad

Mobile or portable DVR with audio

This HAND SIZE 4 channel DVR will work in any 12 volt vehicle that requires video surveillance. Comes with everything required for a easy installation and even a remote control.


8 or 16 channel DVR with HDD and CDRW1,4,8 or 16 Channel Surveillance DVR with HDD

We have digital video recorder (DVR) from a single channel credit card size to 16 channels. 



Infrared "nightvision" CCD color security cameras4 channel auto/manual scan receiver with remote control

Complete hi-power IR system

This one has a remote control so you can control the 4 channel receiver from the comfort of your easy chair. Oh, the wireless surveillance cameras powerful enough to watch your property up to 500' away.



wireless solar motion camera


Features same as above, but this is  SOLAR POWERED with battery back-up motion camera.





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